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Jayne and myself are now teaching material from the brand new Percussion Series 1 course from the AMEB (note- this is not the CPM Drumkit course). Students can choose to study the material with or without the exam at the end of the year, but I would encourage students to study the course with the aim of doing an end of year exam. This course will help students gain valuable experience with the following instruments: snare drum, timpani, hand drums and tuned percussion (xylophone, glock etc), which will fully complement their drumkit learning.

To undertake the AMEB grades for percussion, students will need to source the following:

  1. Relevant grade PERCUSSION Series 1 AMEB book with performance pieces (teacher will advise which grade)
  2. If Grade 3 or above: AMEB Technical workbook (level 1)
  3. Decent drumsticks (I suggest Vic Firth 5A wood tip)
  4. Glock/xylophone sticks (this pair can be used for both)
  5. Marimba/vibraphone mallets (this pair can be used for both)
  6. Glock/xylo Rubber practice mallets (easier on the ears)
  7. Timpani sticks
  8. Optional: a glock or practice xylophone (Optimum Percussion hire these out) to practice tuned percussion on.
Where do I source these things?

Everything can be bought from Optimum Percussion, instore (Burwood ph 9744 1829) or online. 

Optimum have put together my suggested mallets packs, available on their website. Look for 'Matt Moore Choice Mallet Pack' ($229) and 'Matt Moore Budget Mallet Pack' ($165)  here 

Drumsticks are not included in the pack, just mallets. Each pack includes a pouch to store them in.


What is the potential cost of doing the course?

Here is an example of what the course might cost (including mallets):

  • Exam fee $100
  • Grade book $40
  • Technical workbook $40
  • 'Choice' Mallet Pack $229
  • Glock (bought from Optimum) $79
  • TOTAL $488 (plus piano accompaniment on the day)

 Here's the 'bare bones' version:

  • Exam fee $100
  • Grade book $40
  • 'Budget' Mallet Pack $165
  • TOTAL $305 (plus piano accompaniment on the day)

When do I have to enrol?

The closing date for enrolments is around the end of July.


Where and when is the percussion exam?

The exam will be held at the Conservatorium of Music between 18 Oct and 6th Dec.



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