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About Matt Moore...

Matt enjoys playing many styles of music including jazz, funk, rock, big band, Latin American, African & Greek music, music theatre.

He has performed/recorded with Petulant Frenzy (Frank Zappa tribute band), George Ellis, Kate Miller-Heidke, Marina Prior, Mark Vincent, Michael Duchesne (The Voice), Denny Walley (USA), Joan Rivers (USA), George Perris (Greece), Ariela Jacobs (Melb), Sylvie Palladino, Trish Delaney, NSW Police Band, Billy Field, Sean Wayland, Tim Hopkins, Alister Spence, Dale Barlow, Lily Dior, Travis Masters, Jonathon Welch (OAM), Slim Dusty, Matt McMahon, Dave Smith, Jeremy Sawkins, Paul Cutlan, Simon Sweeney, Sean MacKenzie, James Ryan, Adrian Cunningham, and others.

He also played drums in the 2018 motion picture 'Ladies In Black' (Sony Pictures, directed by Bruce Beresford, on screen & on the soundtrack).




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