Toil and Trouble

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Toil and Trouble – Easy Grade

Players: 12+ | Duration: 3:20 | Published by Sticks and Staves

Commissioned in 2016 by SCEGGS Darlinghurst for their ‘Shakespeare 400’ concert, Toil and Trouble is an atmospheric and visually engaging performance piece for large junior percussion ensemble. 12 or more players (Witches) play on plastic barrels (cauldrons) with rhythms based on the Witches’ spell from Shakespeare’s Macbeth. An eerie accompaniment is provided by a trio of experienced players.

- 4 players playing top of plastic barrels with rods

- 4 players playing side of plastic barrels with drumstick [RH], wrist bells & finger cymbals [LH]

- 4 players playing side of plastic barrels with boomwhacker [RH], rattan handle  [LH]

- bass drum

- aux perc [gong, cymbal, wind chimes, bell tree, sleigh bells tambourine]

- 3 toms [high, medium, low]


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