New Pieces for Percussion Ensemble & Solo/Duet pieces

eat sleep play repeat 100 px LB

Eat Play Sleep (Repeat) – Easy Grade

(Drum Kit, Agogos/Cabassa, Bongos/Vibraslap, Congas, Tambourine, Floor Tom)

Players: 6+ | Duration: 2:30 | Published by Sticks and Staves

This lively composition was written as an item for an upper primary music camp where kids do nothing but Eat Play Sleep (repeat). The piece is rewarding for kids to learn, fun to teach and the resulting performance is always a hit with the audience.

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double stacked 100 px


Double Stacked – Easy Grade

Requirements: Chair parts - two chairs (plastic with metal legs) per player, Low drum - one low drum per player (floor tom / bass drum)

Players: 5-20 | Duration: 3:00 | Published by Sticks and Staves

A raise-the-roof novelty item for a percussion ensemble of 5-20 players. Also suitable for use as a whole class item, or a roving performance piece.

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toil trouble 100 pxlisten button  Toil and Trouble – Easy Grade

Players: 12+ | Duration: 3:20 | Published by Sticks and Staves

Commissioned in 2016 by SCEGGS Darlinghurst for their ‘Shakespeare 400’ concert, Toil and Trouble is an atmospheric and visually engaging performance piece for large junior percussion ensemble. 

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street samba 100 pxlisten  Street Samba – Easy Grade

Players: 12+ | Duration: 4:40 | Published by Sticks and Staves

This festive piece showcases Samba Batucada and Samba Reggae grooves, call and response work between repinique and large group, plus improvised solo.

The repinique part requires an experienced player, to lead the ensemble as well as improvise. All other parts are fully notated and suitable for both experienced and inexperienced players.

Guaranteed to raise cheers indoors or out, Street Samba is vibrant experience for players and audience alike.

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ah cascara 100 px listen button   Ah Cascara – Easy Grade

Players: 4-13 | Duration: 2:32 | Published by Sticks and Staves

A lively group performance piece based around the cascara pattern and its pairing with the 3:2 clave rhythm. Ah Cascara can be performed by 4-13 players and features timbale soloist, bongos and tom toms.

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 triumvirate 100 pxlisten button  Triumvirate – Easy/Intermediate

Players: 6+ | Duration: 3:15 | Published by Sticks and Staves

This work for large percussion ensemble evokes imagery of three separate armies marching towards one another to eventually unite and unleash their combined might. Triumvirate reflects on the notion of shared power. The three groups here: bass with snare drum, the combined tom toms; and thirdly the timpani may appear to share power equally but, in reality, one group has the most influence on the progression of events.

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 played alive 100 px LBPlayed-A-Live – Easy/Intermediate Grade

Requirements: Bongos, Tom Toms [high-med high], Tom Toms [med low-low], Aux Perc 1 [splash cym, suspended 16” cym], Aux Perc 2 [Tambourine, triangle], Aux Perc 3 [Hi hat, pedal bass drum], Glockenspiel, Xylophone, Vibraphone, Marimba 1*, Marimba 2* [*may both be played on one instrument]

Players: 9-13 | Duration: 3:53 | Published by Sticks and Staves 

This dynamic arrangement of safri Duo’s Played-A-Live offers an exciting feature piece for large percussion ensemble.

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Splashed OutLB Splashed Out – Easy Grade

(Chair 1 - two plastic chairs per player, Chair 2 - two plastic chairs per player, Low Drum - one low drum per player (floor tom or bass drum), Splash cymbals - 3 contrasting splash cymbals for one player)

Players: 4-20 | Duration: 2:50 | Published by Sticks and Staves


For some time our students have been requesting that we write a second chair piece. Finally, we have obliged with Splashed Out, a follow up piece to Double Stacked (2011).

This splashy performance piece, inspired by the genre and rhythms of Reggaeton can be played by ensembles of 4-20 players and is also suitable as a whole class item. 

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the upward slide  LB

The Upward Slide - Easy Grade

Players: 6 | Duration: 3:09 | Published by Sticks and Staves

1. Cabassa, Triangle & Tambourine 2. Cowbells (high/low), Small Shaker, Big Shaker 3. Bongos 4. Congas 5. Floor Tom 6. Drum Kit

A lively ensemble piece for drumkit and 5 untuned percussion parts using instruments frequently found in the music classroom.

Hinchinbrook 100px LB Hinchinbrook – Medium difficult

Players: 2 | Duration: 3:50 | Published by Sticks and Staves

For 4 toms, bongos and snare drum. Suitable for HSC repertoire (Australian music of the past 25 years)

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